need some new blades any one got any opinions on what ones to get.
chris haffeys or carbons
thanks :)

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carbon 2's
heard a lot of good things about carbons..but I would go with haffeys
haffeys are great they have good absorbers and are a stable boot
thanks :)
to be honest i dont know any skaters or the names of any tricks i just do them because they feel good:P i watch people at a skatepark a few mile away from my hometown watch what tricks there doing then go back to my local park and learn them lol

What skaters on teams u like more??? Both very well built and developed skates! Rode both... don't tell anyone tho :) but id say if u want a lil more durability id say Haffeys. If u want nice looking frshys then i would have to say USD!
ok, since ur learning, u should cough up the extra money and get the carbon 2's. the haffeys a more of a custom advanced skate. the v-cut and low liner is not ans easy thing to get used to. plus the plastic breaks in pretty quickly and requires an already experienced skater. the carbons deffinitely have more support with perfect flex. but they r more expensive.. hope this helps..
thanks eddie but it was a bit late:P i got the haffeys about 2 weeks ago and i love them:P im not that new to skating i just dont know much about it but i can do alot of stuff if you know what i mean. i think from now on im guna stay with low v-cut liners aswell because they feel just like shoes when rolling:P
Oh well that's dope. I'm glad u like em. I have haffeys and like them for grinding. I just feel that their plastic gets a bit too flimsy fast, and looses support. ANKLE BREAKERS lol. Try USDs next...
will do thanks :)
What size are you lookin' for? I've got some HRs the I bought, that're too big for me. Not Haffey's, but a nice skate that deserve to be used. I'm such a sad panda.

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