im picking my first pair of skates and im choosing between Razors Genesys Sega Blue and Valo Broskow GOLD

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how do SL's skate?

compared to gens so much better, not saying gens are bad at all, they are awesome, just SLs are amazing. Lighter boot, and you actually have your foot on the soul plate so you are closer to your grinds which makes it better for switch ups and stuff. I love em. When you have size 12 skates you want that closeness to the grind. Ive skates remz, valos, xsjados, razors, nihms and by far sls are top, nihms and valos are a close second

yeah i was thinking ab getting the Horns but didnt know if they were any good.

if you get em, swap the cuffs, sls cuffs are so much better, and keep your buckle safer

thanks for the info bro

Is there really such a thing as a beginner skate? Serious question to everyone out there - with skis you have shorter lengths and softer flex, but with skates?

EDIT: Seems like beginner skates just means less expensive. You can't make your skis longer or stiffer when you get better, but with skates most things you can change/upgrade later like frames, wheels, bearings, etc

domenic giammarinaro said:

i dont want a beginer skate tho i want the best and these r gonna be the only pair ill get soo i really need to know which one is the best of the best


nah i think it all goes by price. how much are you willing tospend when you first start out i guess.

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