Anyone got these valos?? Thinking Of Getting Either These Or Remz 09 one? Tell Me The Pros And Cons About The Skates Before I Get Them?? Please And Thank You!

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Can't tell you much, I have been thinking about getting Valo EB 1.4's or the Remz. I went and tried both of them on the other day. Not much difference except I believe that the Remz have a better shock absorber in the heel. It's all on your feel. I still like the Valo cause they are comfy and easy to put on. The Remz are really tight but if you like that than they might be the skate for you. I know the guys who worked at Roller Warehouse here in Rocklin where I tried them both on skate the Remz?
remz arent tight? what are you smoking they have soo much flex and are amazing.
Relax Ian, I'm not smoking anything. Remz are just tight out of the box. You seem to know about Remz, why don't you tells us about why you like them.
i have exactly the same dilema...anyone help?
Bump.. same issue.. any takers?
I just kidding, i like remz because they have god flex and it doesnt feel like your wearing skates they feel very light and fit your feet perfectly once you break em in and they are super durable.= and great for street and park.
i would go with remz.
Valos whatever they look like from outside skin are all the same shell and cufs.
I've been skating valos jj1 for few months now and apart from soul plate they are majestic 12 invented a long long long (many many newer skates) ago.

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