I grew up in era when aggressive skating was at its peak. When hoax3 just came out and brands like FR progressors, rise above, 976, hangers were all around. What happened to skating? I went back to subcultre in Roselle Park, NJ today and they don't sell inline stuff anymore. The owner told me they haven't sold stuff in years. And what is with ESPN X games. Can anyone who has remained in the scene help me understand how this sport could possibly be like this.

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Money. We weren't making enough. I have no clue how this happened. I remember those days too man, doesn't make sense.
I think the same thing is happening in all aggressive sports. At its peak it was still relatively new to see these kinds of sports on TV, it had shock value. This wore off after a couple years but skateboarding is hanging on longer because of the whole "highschool fad" thing.

None of this changes anything though, inline skates are continually evolving with better technology and methods of production which can suit the styles of virtually every type of skater.

Plus there's the whole conspiracy about how Eito Yasutoko was progressing so quickly on the half-pipe that he began to steal the attention away from Tony Hawk. Well Tony Hawk said, "Nuh uh rollerblader." and threw a temper tantrum at ESPN headquarters. Balling in tears and with a loaded gun held to his head Mr. Hawk begged ESPN to ban rollerblading from the X Games so he wouldn't be humiliated with being completely out-classed by the great Eito Yasutoko. ESPN took pity with TH, and granted his "request." And now we are stuck watching the entropic skateboarding year after year in perpetual redundancy, and Tony Hawk in perpetual redundancy releases the same video games over and over with no progression. Spin that 900 Hawk, you're still the king of the X Games hooray!***

***May or may not have actually happened...
lol entertaining story :P
You should watch Barely Dead, it's a documentary/rollerblading movie about what happend to the sport an how.
Skating will never die... at least for me....
tis very true....but in a way i like it better this way everyone isnt doing it cuz its the "cool" thing to do

Mike said:
Money. We weren't making enough. I have no clue how this happened. I remember those days too man, doesn't make sense.
i agree with you to a point. its good not to have the phonies but you need revenue to keep the good clothing and skates on the market. i never would have believed senate wouldn't be producing clothes anymore. Remember the destroy all girls tag they had on all their t-shirts?
hi im new to the site and i wanted to sign up and post my thoughts. i JUST found out that xgames in the states dont cover inline and i am shocked an appauled. i have been living in japan for the last 7 years. so forgive me... i grew up when aggressive inline was not only my way of life but a lot of my friends lives revolved aorund it. and skating may be a silouette of what it once was.

it will never die inside me. i recently got a pair of skates again and started back up at the local skate park here in sasebo japan. i am on the military base. and its a lot of young kids here. they all skateboard. and when i started hitting the ramps. they watched me like they have never seen aggressive inline before. i felt pretty weirded out by it. like a bunch of kid skateboard zombies wanted to eat my brain or somthing... haha

maybe one day aggressive inline will all but vanish, and i will be that weird old guy still rockin my remz haha living in a time long gone. ha!
Well I'm sure you noticed the amount of skateboarders and how its grown. Not to mention the countless amount of people I met just carrying a skateboard for the look because right now its a trend. I honestly can't stand it. Been skateboarding and rollerblading 11 years and counting. But now everyone doing it because it "looks cool" and everyone is doing it, rather than the love of the sport.

But inline skating went down ( well in the U.S mostly) because of the anti-rollerblading propaganda. Because of that, they don't really respect the sport. They see it as too easy..... or gay.

a lot of different reasons man, i for one will always respect the roots but u answered your own question, look back and accept the hardship and everything challenging we faced, whether overcame or not. reflect on what we stand for and keep that with you in yourself within you, and go forth with what your lifestyle means to you
by the way fuck $
Yeah..I never thought Senate would go out like they did. I still remember getting shrrts and 50/50 frames from Team Paradise. When Fabiola was barely starting out in the states.

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